Sunday, July 23, 2006

The House On The Times

The House of Eratosthenes delivers a flying roundhouse to the sanctimony factory that is the modern NYT in the form of a well-reasoned postulation regarding the steadily nosediving stock price at the Greay Lady. This passage jumped out:
[...] There really is no way to be an excellent newspaper editor. The very best newspaper editor, out of all of 'em, is going to be the best because he makes the decisions most generally expected of him; if he wants to be better than some other editor, he has to wait for that other editor to make an anomalous decision, and then make the equivalent decision himself without the anomaly. There is no other way to compete. It is a profession of superior adherence to orthodoxy, a profession of non-deviance. Non-deviance, from a standard that isn't actually defined anywhere.
Tell me about it. I'm hopeful that there are a handful of good men and women in the profession holding out. I'm not sure where, or if that was merely an attempt at obligatory "balance" to a rather cogent and pointed speculation (which it was), but they're out there. All three (?) of them. Right, then. Enough snark. He's right.

Read it all. For fun, myself and MK smack a moonbat around in the comment thread. Drop a line - he may be coming back to cause laughter frequently.

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